Jewelry by Kris

(Fused glass by Ross)

Gallery of additional jewelry

Each necklace is "one of a kind" and may not be currently available.  However, most can be duplicated though it may not be an exact duplicate to what is shown below.  Contact us to see about availability. 

Custom work is also available for bridesmaid gifts, color or style matching, or inclusion of personal items.  Contact us for more information.

Please note that the prices reflect the quality of the materials.  Money back guarantee - no questions asked if dissatisfied for any reason. 

Bead Necklaces

B02 - $22 - fuchsia Swarovski crystal, cane glass, and silver plated beads

B03 - $24 for necklace (left), $12 for bracelet (right), and $5 earrings (not shown) - pink pearls, with flower beads, sterling silver, and crystals

B04 - $20 - pink Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, and gold filled beads

B07 - $18 - orange & yellow cane glass with Swarovski crystals

B08 - $56 - Thai silver fish, freshwater pearls, lapis, green adventurine, and sterling silver  

B09 -

B10 -

B11 -

B12 -

B13 -

B14 -

B15 -

B16 -

B17 -

B18 -

B19 -

B20 -

B21 -

B22 -


Fused glass pendants

F01 - $35 - blue & green adventurine with fused glass pendant - fused glass has embedded iridized clear glass and off-white specks (GT)


Wire wrapped pendants

W01 - $30 (YH)


  Display of bead necklaces including wire wrapping.

Gallery of additional jewelry

Other glass art by Ross & Kris

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Last modified: July 11, 2009